ATU Art Building


Van Horn Construction works within every discipline – Architecture, Engineering, and Construction – to streamline the comprehensive design and construction program our client’s desire.  Strong partnerships between the Design Team and Constructor delivers high-quality projects with little field changes during construction, saving time and dollars.  Our Design Build process provides the client with fast-track projects that get your facility up and running faster without compromising quality.


Value management recommendations will be provided with all construction estimates.  Van Horn Construction will inform the full Project Team of the cost and schedule impacts of alternate materials, equipment, and systems to help optimize the value of every project dollar.  Some suggestions may not reduce cost, but may substantially increase value.  Other suggestions may reduce construction costs, but may increase future operational costs.  Some suggestions may be prompted by the need to bring the projected cost within budgetary constraints.  Even though many of these may not be implemented, it is critical that the Team be given the opportunity to consider all of them and, then, make informed decisions on how to spend funds in the most effective manner. 


At Van Horn Construction we greatly value the opportunity to work closely with the Design Team and the Owner from the very start of the project.  As Construction Manager we provide comprehensive Pre-construction Services to support the Owner and Design Team throughout the Design phase.  Our services provide in-depth constructability reviews, collaborative work processes, value management reviews and recommendations, project scheduling, cost estimating, and an expert team to assist throughout the project.  As the project progresses into Construction, our management team carefully integrates our project knowledge streamlining the construction process to completion.


As a General Contractor, Van Horn Construction is dedicated to working as a team with the Owner to build the best structure possible.  Our estimating and construction teams excel at working hand-in-hand with the Design team to ensure the most accurate interpretations of the Construction Documents, while bringing life to the project.

We take pride in our relationships with subcontractors and other project partners.  Experienced, General Contractors are critical to ensuring a smooth construction process and handling the key relationships necessary to keep quality high and costs controlled.  We work to foster those relationships and maintain cooperation and respect on all project sites.

Our dedicated staff with decades of experience empower us to provide consistently exceptional project delivery to the clients we proudly serve.


Van Horn Construction offers Facility Maintenance solutions for clients to maximize building efficiency and performance.  Proper planning includes a preventative approach to maintenance which should minimize cost. We want our clients to call us anytime they have a concern or performance problem with their building, even if it is beyond the warranty period.  We will work hard and quickly to resolve concerns if and when they develop.  We want to create a safe and dependable environment for your employees.

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