VHC History

VHC History

The history of Van Horn Construction traces back to 1966 when a young Mac Van horn moved to Russellville, Arkansas, after years of construction work in Illinois. As the sleepy River Valley region flashed glimmers of economic growth, Van Horn Construction settled into position as a major player in that growth. Van Horn Construction became synonymous with the burgeoning economy in Russellville and the surrounding area. An unrelenting commitment to community and customer satisfaction set the company apart from its competition.

Today, Van Horn Construction leans toward the future while embracing yesterday’s values with leadership from current President Chad Weisler. With more than 25 years of experience with Van Horn Construction, Weisler has been involved in nearly every aspect of the construction business. Under his leadership, Van Horn Construction is building into the twenty-first century with an expanded knowledge of specialty projects and incorporation of the newest construction technologies. Our project team includes LEED AP certified project managers that are ready to insure construction for our clients in the most environmentally responsible and resource efficient manner possible.

Van Horn Construction paved the way as an industry leader by becoming one of the first construction firms to offer Construction Management services in the Water and Wastewater. Our Architectural construction experience includes:  Athletic, Commercial, Spiritual, Sustainable, Educational K-12, and Higher Ed. VHC was one of the first construction firms in Arkansas to perform Construction Management Services for Water and Wastewater construction projects.

So what does all this mean for the client? It means 45 years of experience guiding the company, an average VHC employee experience of 30 years in the construction industry, proven problem solving abilities and practical efficiency. It means embracing new technology, but maintaining a tight hold on yesterday’s values. It means industry excellence.

Each project is a reflection on the employees, on management and on the distinguished legacy of Van Horn Construction. It’s a legacy still flourishing nearly half a century later. It’s why VHC continues to thrive, and why our motto still rings true – Our Success is Building.