Safety & Quality


Van Horn Construction has an established reputation for running safe job sites. Our safety policy is not only good for the employees, but it is good for business. We believe that Safety and Quality go hand in hand. If you provide a safe work environment, then you are more likely to produce a quality project. Safe job sites produce quality projects that are on schedule and on budget by avoiding hazardous work practices and costly delays.

Safety and Quality VHC policy’s include:

  • VHC will incorporate site specific construction safety plans that are in compliance with any requirements of the Client.
  • VHC will implement an accountability system for exactly which personnel are physically on site at any given time.
  • We work closely with third party safety specialists, industry groups, and trade associations to keep our safety program updated and continually assessed.
  • All Superintendents and foreman are trained to recognize and correct hazards instantly, and if necessary, halt work to address a safety concern until resolved.

Our goal is to provide our workers with a safe work environment so they may perform to highest standards. We also strive to ensure their safety so at the end of the day they can return home safely to their families.