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Spanning over 40 years, Van Horn Construction has built over 100 wastewater and water treatment facilities, ranging in scope from a quarter-million dollars to $34 million.  The company is currently licensed to do industrial work in 23 states, and Puerto Rico.

VHC began installing wastewater treatment systems through our business relationship with the poultry industry.  Regulations from the federal to the local level became more stringent and forced the food industry to pretreat their waste streams before they could discharge to the local municipal systems.  The pretreatment allowed municipal facilities to function within discharge limits and without costly expansions.  Over the course of time, this has evolved to our industrial clients treatment of their effluent for direct discharge to public waters.

In order to meet the standards required for direct discharge, clients have upgraded their facilities to keep current with EPA and state regulations.  Van Horn actively participates in researching and meeting the governmental standards for each project.  This gives us knowledge to assist our clients with the paperwork involved for the successful completion of their project.

Many of our projects are now design build for private industry.  Our clients give us the goals for their treatment system and allow us to formulate a unique solution with our design team.  VHC’s reputation has spread due to the growing number of successfully completed projects and the satisfaction expressed by our customers.

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